I have significant experience in score and part preparation, proofreading and formatting, score video making, and also as a copyist. I’ve been working alongside composers and musicians who have international performances, as well as working on lots of smaller-scale projects. My work is done in Finale, and I work in a range of styles, from classical and contemporary to jazz and pop.


High-quality scores and parts are created quickly and accurately from handwritten manuscripts, short scores, and leadsheets. The resulting notation is clear and easy-to-read, and consistent across all parts. Page turns are planned for, and no page is ever crowded. Available for any size ensemble.


The complete package, from start to finish. Get all the support you need on your project, with beautifully crafted scores and parts, expert orchestrations, professional consultation, proofreading, and preparation for recording, publishing, performance and study editions of your music.


Get a second set of eyes and ears on your project. Save time and have no more errors in scores sent to the publisher, no more awkward page turns, no more collisions with text and staves, no more typos, and no more frustration after the fact. Every accidental aligned; every crescendo at the same height; every dynamic in the right place.