Ever since I was young I have always been intrigued by composition, both during my studies as an instrumentalist (percussion, trombone, piano and organ) and, more recently, as a conductor. Therefore after finishing my degree in percussion instruments I immediately started studying composition at the Milan Conservatoire. Even as a young student in school, I was so inspired to compose that I left my job as a music and percussion teacher to completely dedicate myself to writing and arranging music, studying scores and listening to as much music as I could. This changed my musical life and the way that I understood music as well. 

With regard to my personal compositional style, I enjoy and often use jazz language, given my background as a percussionist and vibraphonist. I have also in the past developed works based on various  compositional techniques such as minimalism, atonality, ‘neotonality’, avant-garde, twelve-tone and concrete music. I am also intrigued by film music with its strong and persistent connection to the ‘traditional’ tonality, which very much influences my way of writing and has so far constituted part of my activities such as CD recording and editing.

As an arranger, I work a lot with pop, jazz and folk genres that add inspiration to my own compositions as well, of course, and I very much like these kinds of works because I have studied orchestration instrumental techniques very thoroughly.

Also I love to write a full symphonic orchestra scoring because it allows me to express all of these different musical styles and experiment with a full range of dynamics, power, and sounds in each and every section. In my compositions, I like to challenge my writing to bring together all of these different facets to create something new, not yet heard, but still identifiable and belonging to the new millennium.

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